Biometric Setup for Hybrid Ionic Mobile App

I have a web/mobile app which is integrated in Okta as an OIDC application i need to setup biometric authentication for the mobile app. I have tried Fido2 as factor but it does not work with mobile app as it is hybrid mobile app contanerized in ionic framework. How do i set up biometric authentication for this hybrid app. Can any one help?

Hi Nimesh,

How did you try to integrate FIDO?
It seems you can mix vanilla Javascript with the Iconic framework.

There is a nodeJs guide that you can tailor to your needs:

When you configure your public key (in your code), make sure you pass authenticatorAttachment: “platform” in order to use biometric.

Hi Regis,

I tried using it directly from okta configuration, in ionic we have containerized code so you mean we would need to have customized code in node js. for sign page to achieve this.