Brands API - Multiple brands per Okta Org


Okta has recently released Brands API.

The Brands API has the following operations:

  1. Get Brands
  2. Get Brand
  3. Update Brand

Get Brands
GET /api/v1/brands

From the operation name “Get Brands”, it seems Okta now supports multiple brands per Okta Org.
However, there is a note under this API operation

Note: Currently, only one Brand per org is supported.

Is there any plan to support multiple brands per Okta Org?
If yes, then will it be possible?

We have a requirement that we need multiple brands per Okta Org for UI components including
(a) Okta hosted Sign-in page
(b) MFA prompt
(c) Okta End-user dashboard
(d) Email notifications
(e) Error pages