Brands API - Multiple brands per Okta Org


Okta has recently released Brands API.

The Brands API has the following operations:

  1. Get Brands
  2. Get Brand
  3. Update Brand

Get Brands
GET /api/v1/brands

From the operation name “Get Brands”, it seems Okta now supports multiple brands per Okta Org.
However, there is a note under this API operation

Note: Currently, only one Brand per org is supported.

Is there any plan to support multiple brands per Okta Org?
If yes, then will it be possible?

We have a requirement that we need multiple brands per Okta Org for UI components including
(a) Okta hosted Sign-in page
(b) MFA prompt
(c) Okta End-user dashboard
(d) Email notifications
(e) Error pages


Hi Sami,

We are working on an EA release to support multiple brands per Okta org. This release will allow you to configure multiple custom domains and multiple custom email senders within 1 org, and map those to multiple brands. Our tentative release date is Q1 of next year, but my team is actively working on it and trying to ship it sooner if at all possible.

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@albert.chen Thanks for the update.
Let me know if there is any Beta program where we can participate and provide input.

Thanks for offering to provide feedback, we’re currently targeting to directly EA this feature so that customers can use multi-brand directly in production ASAP.

hi @albert.chen

Any ETA on this?

EA timeline is tentatively Jan 2023


Thank you, this helps.

We have a planned go live prior to the release, with that timeline you mentioned we may have to plan a light model to accommodate the business requirements and tackle this once released.

Hi @albert.chen
Can you provide an update?
Do we still expect this feature to be available by Jan 2023?

We are now targeting Feb 2023. Both the new APIs and UI are 80% complete, then we have a month of testing.


Thanks, @albert.chen for the update.

Hi @albert.chen
Can you provide an update?
Do we still expect this feature to be available by Feb 2023?
Is there any way that we can start exploring this feature?
This is very important feature for our organization and we just want to try it out.


@sami the release date for Early Access is still Feb 2023, EA’s are production-quality releases so we aren’t doing a Beta because it would just slow us down. Stay tuned!

edit: I asked your CSM to set up a call, let’s chat about your use case and rolling this out for Anywhere Real Estate