Build a Basic CRUD App with Laravel and Vue

Build a Basic CRUD App with Laravel and Vue

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a Vue app using a Laravel API to store its data.

Martin Harrison

Hi the Vue components do not render. I checked against the repo and all is good. I have compilation errors. So…


Great job. Comprehensive, clear and well-written. Thanks Krasimir.


When navigating to the Trivia Game, it can only show 'Loading players…'
After debugging the reason it hangs on v-if=“isLoading”, it tells me the request for
/players/ gives a 401 error. I did correctly input my ClientId and Issuer URL so went
to look at the Okta console for when I try to authenticate and all of the requests are with success.
Any idea what might go wrong?

Matt Raible

Do you see any sort of errors in your browser console? I suspect you might be experiencing CORS issues. You may have to add your origin URL as a trusted origin in API > Trusted Origins on your Okta dashboard.

Matt Raible

Can you please try comparing your code with the example code?

Yatika Sharma

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Harry Brooks

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Pavel Smirnov

Nice article :slight_smile: Just one observation:
Package spomky-labs/jose is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use web-token/jwt-framework instead.

Alex Smith

Great Post Krasimir Hristozov, your blog is well written and informational Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

Oli Ver

The moment when I install vue, is it on the same project inside the laravel project or is it on different location (outside the laravel project) ?

Ryan Sacks

Hi, how can we deploy the app to a real server for example GoDaddy?

Krasimir Hristozov

Yes, good point. The Okta JWT Verifier library now supports only the firebase/php-jwt package, per its README.

Krasimir Hristozov

It’s in a different location (outside the Laravel project)

Krasimir Hristozov

I wouldn’t recommend deploying the project to a real server, it’s not suitable for production use since it’s just a tutorial. However, if you want to deploy it anyway, the steps are similar to how you set it up locally except that you’d also need a real Web server with a virtual host pointed to the /public directory of the backend code, another virtual host for the frontend, and you will need to build the frontend in production mode.

It would be difficult to deploy a Laravel project on a shared hosting account (it’s not impossible, but it’s a pain) - a VPS with SSH access would be more suitable.


I am having the same issues as Martin and Bart. I think the issues may be related to the fact that the packages have changed and fruitcake replaces barryvdh and other issues with out of date / unsupported packages. Also from a google it seems that firefox and chrome might be blocking things. Quite disapointed as I’ll have to abandon my attempts to use Okta on the basis that I just don’t have enough knowledge to resolve this and make it work.

Web Magic Tulum

Yes It works after updating to fruitcake…

Web Magic Tulum

Hi Im trying to follow along. I got it working past the point of updating Fruitcake.

When I try to test the Login link I get a no connection browser error. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that I have XAMMP and my app is on localhost?

Please Advise


Thank you for the great tutorial, what should I do if I want to add another app and setup a single sign on ? is it going to work just by using the same ( AudienceUrl ClientId, IssuerUrl ) accross two apps ?