Bulk load users, group assignments

Just thought I’d share a tool I wrote to help with bulk loading of users, and bulk group assignments.



Thanks for sharing, Paul!

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Hi @paul.leblond

Thank you for the share! Please feel free to add your scripts to out Okta Community Toolkit.

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I have come up with something similar but with more functions onboarded… https://github.com/phi1ipp/okta-reporting-tool

HI Paul,

I found your info about Bulk load users and group assignments (OktaBulkGroupAssign).
I’m not a OKTA developer.
So for me it is not clear how and where to start below parameters in OKTA.
I could not find the prompt line where I could execute below line.

YES I have changed mytentant and created an API token. All others paramters I left the same.

OktaBulkGroupAssign -t mytenant.okta.com -k 30320fds89f9w0f890sf80s -a -v -i C:\Okta\Import.csv

Hopefully you could extend your info with more detailed instructions.


Hi Jan,

You’re missing the action part of the command. You can either import new users or assign to groups (but not both at the same time).

For example, if you are uploading users:

OktaBulkGroupAssign import -t mytenant.okta.com -k 30320fds89f9w0f890sf80s -a -v -i C:\Okta\Import.csv

Likewise, you would change “import” to “assign” if you’re assigning to groups.

If you’re having trouble executing, you’ll first download the program (see Releases on the right side of the github page), then open up a command line to where you downloaded the program and run the command there.