Calling /api/v1/users api using `after` query parameter , returns user that was received in the former call

Calling /api/v1/users api using after query parameter , return user that was received in the former call.

Are you seeing this behavior when using the <next> link from the response header?

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Actually I wanted to use the same url on each call and just update the after query param , so I extracted the after query param from the next link. I see that limit query param is also added to the next link with value 200 even that I didn’t add it , I assumed that if I don’t add the limit param it will be 200 by default, so I didn’t add it to my next link. Can it be related to that?

@warren Can I fetch more than 200 rows in a call? Or that 200 is the max limit?

200 is the max that can be returned in a call