Can I programmatically log an Okta User into the Okta Support Portal?

We are an ISV leveraging the Okta API’s to create Okta Orgs, one Org for each of our clients. We are using delegated administration, so each of our clients will have Okta Org Administrators for their Org.

When our clients call our HelpDesk, requesting help, for example on issues with their Okta Org configuration or performance, we want our Support staff to be able to enter an Okta Helpdesk ticket on behalf of our client because we have the contract with Okta, and our customers do not.

Our plan is to create user accounts for our Support staff in the Okta org requesting help with the role of HelpDesk Admin so they’ll have privileges to enter an Okta Helpdesk ticket. In order to streamline the experience for our Support staff, we’d like to be able to programmatically log our Support person into the Okta Support Portal with his Okta User ID, password, and the appropriate Okta org.

Is there a way to perform that log in with those parameters programmatically so that we take our Support folks straight into the screen they need to access without them having to memorize their credentials or the Okta Org name for each of our clients?


This session shows some roadmap features for ISV’s