Can I set a custom 'sub' claim for integration?

Hi, I’m working on an integration with the Social Security Administration that requires tokens to contain a specific sub claim value that they provide.

Is there a way to set that sub value in my API auth server’s claims?

When I attempt this and call the token API, I get the following error:

    "error": "server_error",
    "error_description": "The 'sub' system claim could not be evaluated."

This seems to be the road block for my ability to use Okta for Machine to Machine communication.

The screenshot you provided looks like the right place to modify the sub claim for the access token. Are you able to use the Token Preview tool to confirm if you are getting the correct value?

If the value is a string, do you have quotes around them?

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I was missing the quotes! Thanks so much, it seems to working as expected now.

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