Can mobile apps have a native Passwordless Implementation?

Hi everyone!

Do you know if achieving the WebSignIn passwordless behavior on mobile is possible with a native implementation (aka not having to show the webview with the okta web widget, but creating native UI forms for each signIn option and flow)?

I would like to know if Okta has all the APIs needed to do all those different passwordless authenticators requests (e.g. sending and waiting for the magic email/sms link) fired from our own native iOS/Android elements… and if so, do you have an sample app doing this?



If your org has been upgraded to Okta Identity Engine, I recommend checking out our guides, libraries, and samples for IdX. The following guide explains the embedded model, where you do not need to redirect the user to the browser to login: Overview of the mobile Identity Engine SDK | Okta Developer

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Thanks Andrea…

We already implement OktaOidc and OktaAuthSdk to sign in the user with username and password with our own iOS views…

Now we want to remove the password option an let the user sign in with Magic email link, SMS link and Google Authenticator (and/or possibly keep the password option as well)… I already explored the WebSignIn (iOS) sample app and I managed to accomplish this goal (via the in-app WebView). Now, my question is if we can code all these new authentication options to native iOS views (instead of using the Okta WebView) and if those okta SDKs are prepared for it…

For example: Coding a Swift UIKit/SwiftUI view for entering the email, then another view for confirming sending the email… then wait for the email link and signing in the user when they use that link and confirm they are signing in.

That would also apply for SMS and google authenticator…

Is this possible?