Can these requirements offered by Okta?

Hi all,

Could you help me to answer the following question. Can Okta somehow offer the following features/requirements:

  • Rolebased Access Control und Privileged Access (optimal mit Just In-Time/ Just-Enough-Access)|
  • Anormaly Detection (improssible travel patterns, new device, …)
  • Endpoint Visibility und Endpoint Control
  • Detection of dormant/ orphaned accounts|
    If the answer is YES (or partially), could you please indicate the corresponding link to OKta documentation.

Thanks in Advance and best regards.

Have you tried to google for answers? Yes, some of those are possible with Okta, depending on your definition of the terms (probably taken from SOW… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

If you want people to help you, it’s worth putting more efforts in expressing yourself bit better. I understand, English might be not your primary language, but at least you can try.