Cannot POST /implicit/callback

I have implemented OKTA login for my application sing-in page. When I tried to login from my application, the login works fine and I’m to do what I wanted. But when I edited my application setting to Either Okta or App from App Only, and tried to login from the okta dashboar, I’m getting this error: Cannot POST /implicit/callback while redirecting.

    const oktaConfig = new AuthService({
        issuer:'https://{domail}/oauth2/default  ',
        redirect_uri:window.location.origin + '/implicit/callback',

<Security authService={oktaConfig} key={key} >
                                        <SecureRoute exact path="/protected" component={Protected}/>
                            <Route path={prop.path} key={key} component={prop.component} />
                                        <Route path="/implicit/callback" component={LoginCallback} />

Please help.

Did you follow this


I fixed the issue. I had a do some changes on the configuration part and it’s working now.


Hi, I’m having this same issue with the configuration. What did you change in config to get it working?

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