Cannot resolve method 'oauth2Login' in 'HttpSecurity'

I am trying to implement Okta openId() to an old system running on spring boot 1.5 , I have used okta stater 0.6.0 .
I was trying to use oauth2Login but it seems the method is not available ?
Can any one help me how to redirect my application to okta login page ?
can we use oauth2Login() with spring boot 1.5 ?

You might have to to use @EnableOAuth2Sso. Add User Authentication to Your Spring Boot App in 15 Minutes | Okta Developer

Note: our Spring Boot Starter v0.6.0 is no longer officially supported by Okta. See our release status table for more information: GitHub - okta/okta-spring-boot: Okta Spring Boot Starter.

Thank you @mraible I have used @EnableOAuth2Sso can I use the the method oauth2Login().
my application is old using spring 1.5 hence 0.6.0 is it possible to implement Okta with this version?
Is it possible to use the method oauth2Login()

No, oauth2Login() is not available in the version of Spring Security you’re using. Here’s the code from the blog post I referenced above.

public class SpringSecurityWebAppConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {  
    protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {