Can't access some endpoints with access token

I created app integration of type OIDC (OpenID connect).
I received access token via oauth2 process with all scopes and I am able to query many endpoint such as /apps, /users etc.
But, I can’t access some api endpoints with my access token such as /api/v1/grants .

I succeed when tried with api_token.

Is there a way to access these endpoints with access token?
Thank you!

What scopes have you enabled for your application and what ones are you requesting for your token? Can you provide an example API request that’s failing for you? Is it against an Okta endpoint?

Hello, thanks so much for your fast reply.
For my app I enabled all scopes that end with “.manage” and the scopes “okta.clients.register”, “”.

For my token I am requesting (with Oauth2 flow) all of them and in addition the following scopes:
“openid”, “profile”, “email”, “offline_access”.

Yes, It is against an Okta endpoint.
This is the API request which failed with the received access token.

This is the API request with the api_token which was generated in the admin console

Thank you very much!

It looks like this endpoint may not support OAuth for Okta and therefore there is no scope that will allow you to make this call, at least not at this time.

Can you open a support case so we can look to track this request?