Can't redirect to custom URL after resetting password in Sign-in widget

We are using OKTA sign-in widget in our react application. When we try to reset the password in widget it redirects to OKTA auth issuer domain. We would like to redirect it to some custom URL along with some query param. We have tried to find documentation around this feature but couldn’t find any.

We also tried redirecting using API call’s response when we reset password. We get response type ‘success.type = SESSION_SSO’ which is exactly similar to what we get in response when we try to login user. So we removed that code because it was working for both password reset and login as well (redirecting to custom URL in both the cases and we only need it for password reset). It should work if the response of reset password is different from login response as we can write code basis on success.type.

Is there any way we can achieve this using our application code or can It be configured in OKTA admin?