Client credentials in custom server with openid connect

Created a app integration with OIDC-openid connect. Secured rest apis in web application. Now i have an externaltask in nodejs which needs client credentials flow where there is no chance for ui page or authorization flow. In developers account i am able to create custom_scope with grant_type as “client_credentials”. But in companies okta account I am not able to see granttype with clientcrentials option and under security->Api->not seeing scopes or claims tab.Can some one plz suggest how to achieve clientcredentials with custom scope in real time okta environment.

Developer account:

Custom Server:

This is probably because your company’s account doesn’t have API Access Management enabled as a feature.

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Hi , Thanks for the reply .Is there some solution in this kind of scenarios??

You will want to talk to your account manager about adding this license to your Okta org, as you cannot use custom authorization servers without it, and client credentials flow requires the use of a custom authorization server so you can secure your own APIs.

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