Cloning an existing app in the dashbaord

I have an existing app on okta that works well. I am setting up a testing environment on my localhost. I have setup a tunnel with ngrok and I am able to get the okta hosted login page to display for a user on my localhost. However, after the authentication has finished, the user gets sent to my staging server, rather then back to my testing server. I think this is because the SAML settings has
Destination URL
I actually need it to be Destination URL
for the my localhost.

Is there some way to clone an application so I can create another app with a slightly different destination URL?

Hi @Richie! Good question. I don’t see it as an option on our UI either, so I doubt it would be an option via our APIs. I tried, though. I retrieved an app via Get App and then copied the response to Add App but the attributes in the body don’t quite match up. No go.

I see this related feature request from several years back - I recommend posting a more recent request to have this feature reconsidered.