Connected to AuthenticationClient how to retrieve JWT token?

Currently very new to this, but I have set up the ‘okta-auth-java’ SDK and I’m able to successfully instantiate a client using


From here I can generate an AuthenticationResponse by supplying my username, password, redirectURI and state handler, and the response returns a session token leading me to believe I have connected properly.

Where I am struggling is that I need the JWT token to be passed to my endpoint calls, but the session token does not work in its place. Is there a way to access this JWT token from this client I have instantiated? The way it works for the users of our site is when they sign into the redirectURI with their login credentials the JWT token is in the session storage when you inspect the page. Is there any way for me to access this?

Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I created a new post here for where I currently stand on the issue