Consume okta saml client/app embedded link using access token

Hi Team,
I have configured one saml client and one oidc client in okta. I have also turned on persistence cookie shared sso. Now from mobile application I am consuming the oidc client to fetch the access token, id token and refresh token. As shared sso is turned on after logged in into my application (oidc client fetched the access/refresh tokens), if I browse the app embedded link(idp initiated sso), then I am able to logged into the other sp site(which I have configures in acs if the saml client).
Now I want to consume the same saml client/app embedded link inside the mobile app using.
I have already explored the session token approach. As Session token require username and password so it cannot be the solution in sso. Is there any other approach available so that I can reuse the earlier aquired tokens(access/id token) to consume the saml client/app embedded link form mobile app.
Any help or reference is appreciated! Thanks in advance