ConvertFrom-Json : Invalid JSON primitive error

Hello followed directions for the module installs and M\odule loads , 1.0.19 when I try to run most commands like , Get-OktaApps -url
ConvertFrom-Json : Invalid JSON primitive: .
At C…BusinessWire\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\OktaAPI\1.0.19\OktaAPI.psm1:299 char:20

  •     $objects = ConvertFrom-Json $response.content

Tried to search. Tried to encapsulate the object in brackets
Cannot get any command to work on PSVersion 5.1.19041.1682 Win10. Any advice? thanks in advance. -gs

Please check the readme. There are a ton of examples there. Also post your complete code here but remove any tokens or URLs that are sensitive.

Re read the instructions
There is no code other than a cmdlet.

The first thing you have to do is Connect-Okta with a token and your org URL.

# Connect to Okta. Do this before making any other calls.
Connect-Okta "YOUR_API_TOKEN" ""

Then you can call other cmdlets like Get-OktaApps, which accepts a relative URL for pagination. Again, see the readme for examples.

Did you get the basic steps to work and valid data back? Eg Get-OktaUser "me"