CORS issue remain after adding origin


I added my app’s base URL (http://localhost:8080 and to the list of trusted origins and checked both “CORS” and “Redirect” options, but I still get CORS issues. Does anyone know if there are additional steps I need to take?

Thank you.

What type of app are you building? Are you using one of our integrations?
Is your backend running on AWS and your frontend running locally?

Hi - I am building a simple CRUD app. I am not using the okta libraries to do the authentication (they give me CORS issues). The app has a backend component to serve the html + js files. But all the calls to okta are being done on the front end. Thanks!


Let’s take a step back. It sounds like are running into CORS issues with both Okta integrations and your custom code? Which APIs are you calling? Are you doing an implicit OAuth 2.0 flow? What type of application have you created in your Okta Console?
Your best bet might be to follow the getting started guide. That will get you set up with an application configured to run on localhost:8080.

Keep us posted!