CORS issue when accessing Camunda api(okta enabled) from Angular application

Hi All,

Please help me I am stuck with the issue for last 5 days.

I have camunda springboot application which is okta authentication enabled, when accessing this application via browser okta authentication is happening and respective page is displaying correctly.
This camunda application also has few rest endpoint that is to be consumed by other application.
Now the problem is when my angular application tries to call the rest endpoint of camunda application I am getting CORS exception.
I have tried couple of things like introducing CORSFilter, adding the angular application url in trusted origin. But nothing seems to be working.
Guys please help me fix this issue. Thanks
version: okta-spring-boot-starter:1.4.0


Is it a CORS issue coming from the spring boot side? Maybe this guide might help? Getting Started | Enabling Cross Origin Requests for a RESTful Web Service

Yes CORS is coming from sprungboot side.
I already tried the approach mentioned by you, but it is not woeking.