Create authorization URL for multiple IDP

Hi everyone…
I need to create some URL that will open page with list of social networks that could be used to Sign in, after user choose social network he will be redirected to Sign in form.
So far I’ve found only how to integrate each IDP, for example Facebook

I create authorization URL: ```

But this type of URL will automatically open Facebook sign in form.
What I need is some url without idp property so that it show all available IDPs and after choosing some IDP then call url with idp property.
Found only solutions where it can be done by frontend side with defining list of IDPs with IDP name and ID.

I'm looking the documentation but can't find anything about this.
Does anyone know is it possible to create this type of URL?

I think you would need to do some custom coding to accomplish this. We do have an Identity Provider API where you can list all the available IDP’s. You could then use the information you get back in the response to customize the sign-in widget.

We also have IDP Discovery which is where you can configure a policy to route certain users to certain IDP’s based on criteria you define.