Create OAuth2 App and sign in from google

Have a question about create oauth2 application.

I registered dev domain by sign-in method of google.

And on the admin console, I create a OIDC OAuth2 web application with code grant flow and redirect_uri with http://localhost:8080/authorization-code/callback and grant some scopes as well.

After that, I run up the oauth2 testing server by samples-python-flask/okta-hosted-login with all configure set.

I could get the access token successfully by inserting the user/password on the login page but if I choose to login with google, somehow I will successfully login into admin console but could not get back to the OAuth2 flow anymore.

Is this situation correct or there’s any setting I overlook to configure ?

After digging on the document, I successfully configured social idp by this, and guess no further question about this.
Just leave this for reference.

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