Create User with Hashed Password - SHA-256 with Iterations

Good afternoon,

I’m attempting to create users using imported hashed passwords as outlined here:

Unfortunately, I fear that the codebase I am importing from may be hashing passwords in an unsupported way, and therefore I won’t be able to create my users with this password.

The environment I am attempting to migrate from is using the jasypt Java library. While the algorithm is SHA-256, it is using an iteration count. This is not something I’ve seen before when dealing with SHA-256 passwords. Here’s a snippet of how we may encrypt the password:

		var digester = new StandardStringDigester(); 

When reading the docs on hashed password object, it states:

iterationCount - Number - The number of iterations used when hashing passwords using PBKDF2. Must be >= 4096. Only required for PBKDF2 algorithm.

Does anyone know if importing hashed SHA-256 passwords is supported when an iteration count is used?

Thanks in advance, Jen

Bumping - Anyone have experience with this?

Bumping again… Any ideas? @andrea, any ideas? :smiley:

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