CreateUserAsync failure when updating Okta.Sdk 6.0.11 to 7.0.0

We have a .NET 6.0 web application that uses the Okta.Sdk to create and modify users in our Okta organization

Below is a snipit of code we use for creating users

This works using the Okta.Sdk 6.0.11 version

public async Task<User> CreateUserAsync(string firstName, string lastName, string emailAddr, string username, string password)
            var userType = await _userTypeApi.ListUserTypes().FirstOrDefaultAsync(x => x.Name == "usertypename");

            var user = await _userApi.CreateUserAsync(new Okta.Sdk.Model.CreateUserRequest
                Type = userType,
                Profile = new Okta.Sdk.Model.UserProfile
                    Email = emailAddr,
                    FirstName = firstName,
                    LastName = lastName,
                    Login = username
                Credentials = new Okta.Sdk.Model.UserCredentials
                    Password = new Okta.Sdk.Model.PasswordCredential
                        Value = password,

            return user;

When we update to Okta.Sdk 7.0.0 we get an error

errorSummary: The request body was not well-formed.

After doing some debugging, it seems the serialization of UserType has changed to where it’s now serializing _links and not id

Does anyone have thoughts on this? Or is there a better way of creating a user with a specific type?