Creating wildcard custom scopes for OAuth2

Is it possible to create wildcard scopes on an okta authorization server? For example, I want to create a wildcard scope such as service_name/*, and a client should be able to request for a scope such as service_name/ and be granted that because it matches the format of the wildcard scope. I tried doing this on the dashboard but requesting for the full scope results in an invalid scope error.

I saw an example here (okta-smartfhir-docs/ at original-v1-documentation · oktadev/okta-smartfhir-docs · GitHub), which seems to do the same thing as I did (using * for the wildcard scope), so I’m not sure why it is not working for me.

This breaks away from the oauth specs since the requested scope MUST NOT include any scope not originally granted by the resource owner. Good to add it here Okta ideas