Cross domain integration

Hello, apologies if this is a simple question:

I’m looking to do an SSO integration with okta for a no-code app (glideapp)
We intend to set up okta for our team so they can access it, but we have an additional requirement: our clients, from other organizations/companies, with their own okta setups, need to have access to our application via okta as well. Is this possible? If so, could you please point me towards the documentation for this, as well as what pricing tier this would be part of?


Yes, it is possible to set up SSO integration with Okta for your no-code app (Glideapp) that allows both your team and clients from other organizations with their own Okta setups to access your application. This type of setup is often referred to as a multi-tenant or federated SSO solution.

Federated SSO Solution:

This typically involves setting up your Okta instance as an Identity Provider (IdP) and configuring trust relationships with your clients’ Okta instances.

For your use case, you might consider: Host tenants in separate orgs (hub-and-spoke model)

Reference: Multi-tenant solutions | Okta Developer

NOTE: This is a complex setup and I recommend you to engage with Okta’s professional services!

Hope this helps!