CRUD App with ASP.NET Core and Angular Not Posting Data To Web API

Hello There

I have just built the CRUD App with ASP.NET Core and Angular logging on is working fine.

However when i try to ADD a new record from JogginDiray(F12 NETWORK TAB webAP states remains PENDING), currently, the WebAPI is listening on localhost:44373/api/workouts.(POST)

I have not published the project into IIS yet, if i start my project from VS2017 i can open /localhost:44373/api/workouts (GET) and i can see the first record I inserted using POSTMAN to localhost:44373/api/workouts (POST)

It seems when i start my Angular 6 app using ng-serve it stops http://localhost:44373/api/workouts (POST) from working although localhost:44373/api/workouts (GET) still works.

Is there something i am missing?

Also how do i publish my angluar6 app and the .Core app to IIS
Do publish the Angular6 to IIS and make the web API a child application of the angular app?