Custom domain redirects to default org '-admin' url instead of staying custom url when traversing from 'My Applications' to 'Admin'

  1. Custom domain setup complete:

  2. Traverse to ‘My Applications’ via custom domain just fine:

  3. Now when I click on ‘Admin’ to traverse to admin console, I get redirected to my default org ‘-admin’ url ( instead of staying on my custom domain url (

I have followed the setup instructions to the T, so wondering if there is something undocumented that I am missing? Like maybe needing to point my custom domain specifically at the ‘-admin’ url?

Hi @klele

Custom domain feature was designed for the end-user subdomain (eg. to offer a more customized experience, for example for API endpoints or authentication page.

The admin subdomain (eg. is not targeted through this feature and, as such, it remains unchanged.

If you would like to have also the admin subdomain changed, please feel free to suggest this on our Ideas platform available at >> Product >> Ideas.