Custom front end for user and group management

I need to create a custom front-end for users and groups management.
How can I link my front-end to okta ?
I thought of using a custom back-end that would relay request from the front-end to the okta api.
Is it a good solution ? Is there a way to directly access okta api from the front-end ?

Managing users and groups requires privilege operations with an org API key or a token from your Okta org server, hence you don’t want to make direct API calls from the UI.

Typically you would create a custom back-end API (with your API key or org token) that can perform the privilege Okta operations. Then your users on the front-end will pass along their access token to these protected endpoints (delete users, create groups, etc).

Take a look at GitHub - oktadev/okta-dac: Okta Delegated Admin Console as a basis for your project or can serve as a fork. It does things like create applications, and review the architectural concepts here: Architecture | Okta Multi Tenant Admin

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