Custom Login Internal Error


I am new to working with React and Okta. I have gone ahead and attempted to implement the Okta React + Custom Login Example as provided by the Okta Github ( I’m fairly close to this being a success even with the numerous errors that I’ve encountered along the way.

The issue I have run into is that when the user is prompted to enter Username/Password, once clicking Login I just receive an Unexpected Internal Error.

I am using VS Code for editting, I have created an Okta account and a sample user for logging in. I’m not positive if my files being on Localhost and not Live are problematic but for now that is my set up.

Here is a link to the files I am currently working with excluding the node_modules folder. Like I said i’m new to this but really find Okta’s dashboard appealing and want to learn to work with it. Any tips or hints to how I could fix the application would be greatly appreciated.