Custom login page in ASP.NET

regarding the project on
how would I go about changing that so I could use a login page in the app versus redirecting to okta?

I’ve also tried the example here
with the widget but it doesn’t seem to work on a fresh mvc site. Is it because the example is for web api? if so how would I go about changing it to work?

We have examples for building a custom login page with other languages (e.g. node-express) but we haven’t built that example for aspnet yet. It’s on our backlog to work on soon.

Here is how you can do it, at a high level:

  • Create a login page in your app that uses the Sign-in Widget to log the user in and get a sessionToken
  • POST that token to a route in your MVC application
  • Challenge the OpenID Connect authentication handler and pass a custom parameter: sessionToken=${value}
  • The user’s browser will be redirected to Okta, but the active session will cause Okta to immediately redirect back (instead of displaying the Okta-hosted login page)
  • The rest of the OpenID Connect flow continues as normal and your app gets access + ID tokens

We’ll produce a sample soon that makes this a lot easier to do :slight_smile:

Just curious, why do you want the login page in-app?

Hi Nate
Thank you i will try this later. We need to stay in app per client’s requirement. Just as a side note I’m a customer of southern california edison( and their login stays on their website but if you use last pass then a pop appears asking if I want to send my credentials to okta. Thought that was interesting.

Thanks again.

Makes sense, thanks!

Not sure why LastPass would be asking to send your credentials to Okta. Is it the Okta browser plugin that’s popping up maybe?

I don’t have that extension installed on chrome.
here’s a pic of it.

I’m faced with the same task, where I’m trying to use the login widget with ASP.NET OpenID Connect flow. Any update on a sample project? I’m trying to figure out how to pass the custom parameter (sessionToken) to the OIDC handler in ASP.NET.


Having the same requirements some sort of example would be very much appreciated.

I found this github Repo, and it looks to be a pretty good example of the sign in widget with .Net