Custom Profile Attributes not Included in OpenID idToken

I am working with a custom Angular SPA, and am trying to get at some additional information about our users.

I included the ‘profile’ scope, and am now getting two additional attributes in the idToken:

  • ‘name’
  • ‘preferred_username’

There are many more fields in the profile that are not included in the idToken. I have tried adding a custom attribute, but it is not included in the idToken either.

Why am I only getting ‘name’ and ‘preferred_username’ but not the rest of the information on the user’s profile?

Good question Tim, let me answer it for you:

You need to make a call to the /userInfo endpoint to get the profile information, and to make all your dreams a reality.

Future Tim

Hi @timkeegan

Thank you also for the follow-up. Indeed, in case both access token and ID token and requested, then the ID token is minified and the details are available under /userinfo endpoint.

If you request only the ID token in the response_type along with profile scope, then you will receive and ID token containing all the custom claims.