Customize the site name in Google Authenticator

I’m adding Google Authenticator as a 2nd Factor Authentication to our Okta Org. We use our own customized UI to guide through the users to enroll/activate/verify Google Authenticator. The integration with Okta is via REST API calls. In the Google Authenticator, I would like the 2FA entry to be listed under our company’s site name, instead of Okta. See the attached image in red circle. Is there a way to do this?

Not presently - I understand it is an enhancement request. However, since you are using your OWN workflow for enrollment/verification, you have two options:

  1. Use the API to enroll in the Google Authenticator factor. The API call returns the values you need to create your own URL and QR code. The use the Verify API to verify the Google Authenticator
 "activation": {
            "timeStep": 30,
            "sharedSecret": "QTUER66X9LQC6PQG",
            "encoding": "base32",
            "keyLength": 6,
  1. Similar to item #1, create a custom TOTP and generate your own sharedSecret to present a URL and QR code for the user to scan.