Decode JWTs in C# for Authorization

Decode JWTs in C# for Authorization

Learn how to decode JWTs using C#.

Vijay Chandran

Can we get the User claims Json data from JWT token ?

Murray Roke

Do you nuget package: System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt (you didn’t mention this)
I’m using .net Framework

Cliff Knasinski

I have a fun task. The middleware is handled by our application load balancer and all that is sent is the jwt token. The token has no secret. It only holds user data. I am trying to figure out where implementation is needed. The application uses OWIN and .NET Identity already with the basic framework for user roles in Identity Framework. My application is supposed to receive this header, but trying to determine where in the MVC application I will have to pick it up to decode. Will this token get passed in the header to the Account\Login method after it initializes with the startup class?