Detecting changes to group application linking


Is there a way to fetch the applications that have been added or removed from a group?

As per my understanding, the /events endpoint provides us with this information, having application id in the target field using the platform.group_app_assignment.app_remove and platform.group_app_assignment.app_add object types.

However then we have to query the /apps/:id/groups endpoint to fetch all the groups associated to it, and then iterate through all the groupid’s and query /groups/:id endpoint to get the group details.

Is there a simpler way to do this? Can multiple hits be avoided to separate endpoints?

Hi @tom,

Can you give some insight here? Requesting you as this is urgent.

Thank you.

@Pranav There isn’t a simpler way of doing it (that I am aware of). REST requests tend to be a bit chatty.

In your application code, you could consider caching the group info, since it is unlikely to change often.

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