Device Authorization grant flow pre populate user code

While performing the device authorization grant flow, verification_uri is returned as

verification_uri_complete": "https://{yourOktaDomain}/activate?user_code=MHXTFRPK

On clicking this link in the browser it will redirect to
I’m looking for a way to pre-populate the user code on the device-activate page, thereby saving the user from typing out the code. Is this something Okta provides?

When you use ?user_code=****** in query param, the expectation is for the Activation Code field to be filled with value. I have tested and seen this field populate.

Do you have any customizations in okta pages? Are you seeing any console error logs?

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Yes we do have customization where we load our own CSS and JS pages. No console log errors.
Does it populate for you on the “https://{yourOktaDomain}/signin/device-activate” page? or are you still on the /activate page?