Does Okta API have health check endpoints?


I am working on custom health checks for a REST API that is used to manage Okta users using the Okta .NET SDK. I want to be able to verify the ‘liveness’ and ‘readiness’ of the Okta API to accept traffic from my app through my own healthcheck endpoints. I have not found anything in the Okta API documentation that is suitable to call for this purpose. Did I miss this, or is providing health check endpoints in the roadmap?

Thanks in advance!

Is checking the contents of via API enough?

That returns a web page, parsing its contents to find a status is not really ideal, esp since Okta may change their formatting on the page at any time - it’s not a service contract. It’s great for human checking but not designed for programmatic use.

A simple healthcheck endpoint that returns a 200 OK response is sufficient. My workaround will be to actually perform a ‘real’ lookup through the API, but that’s not really ideal either for healthcheck purposes.

Hi @kittysempai

We don’t have a health check endpoint at the moment, however you can leverage and your organization’s API in order to check the health status of your Okta tenant.

As I mentioned, is for human consumption, not programmatic.

For now I’m just retrieving the first user from the API to check health but it would be nice to provide a healthcheck endpoint that doesn’t consume extra resources on your end.