Does Okta support the OAuth 2.0 SAML Bearer Assertion Flow?

I’ll like to be able integrate Okta in a OAuth2.0 SAML Bearer flow. I cannot find much material on Okta. Can anyone point me to the right place?

Okta currently doesn’t not support the OAuth 2.0 SAML Bearer Assertion Flow. This is something we are tracking in the backlog but has no priority at the moment.

Can you elaborate on your use case so we can better understand how you want to use this flow?

I have the same question. Is there anything new in past year? Does it work now?

The case - I have an ASP.NET WebAPI app wich uses OAuth2. Now I need to implement SSO using Octa on top of it (some users will use Okta and some will still use the app login page).

I am not ASP.NET guru so its hard for me to understand precisely whats going on with all those redirects… However I found a sample which works for me and pretty transparent. It receives bearer assertion token from SAML Identity Provider.

So if I to replace the whole IdP with call to Okta - that would’ve worked if Okta supported bearer assertion flow. Hence the question…

If there is working .NET sample, utilizing Okta and integrating SAML with Oauth - I am flexible.

Our customer uses Okta, and our app uses SAML 2 to interface to the Okta IDP for authentication. It would be convenient and consistent to use SAML 2 for token management. We don’t want to use proprietary access methods, so support for Bearer Assertion Flow would satisfy our requirements. It would seem to be a competitive advantage for Okta to support this.