Embedded Signin widget - Dotnet (AccessToken expired in 5 min and wanted to renew the token using refresh token using /token endpoint)

I have implemented Embedded Sign-in widget in my .Net MVC application. AccessToken expire time set as 5 min in okta dashboard.

In case user spent time on my web application A for more than 5 min and after 5 min expiration same user try to login into web application B. I wanted user login into the web application B without asking for the password as user is still active by using web app A.

For that, I am trying to call /token endpoint to get the new AccessToken and ID token by using RefreshToken However, getting issue in calling the /token endpoint.
Tried *post man also but no success.

Please help me correcting the code sample I am using in dotnet ?
Can anyone please send a sample code for the implementation if possible ?

Are you setting the Accept request header to application/json and Content-type as application/x-www-form-urlencoded when you make the request in Postman?

I’d also recommend using our Postman Collections to help you format these types of requests. For this request, you’d want the API Access Management collection. That one contains a request entitled Get Access Token with Refresh Token

Thank you for the response.

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