Error monitoring with SCIM integration

I have a custom SCIM server and I am deleting users from Okta but my delete API sometimes fails and doesn’t return the right response or fails, how do I add some kind of alerting or monitoring around this?

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That’s a great question, you can do this using even-hooks from Okta. Dropping in some useful links for you below. But to put this into perspective, with Okta Event logging you could do things like whenever you receive a specific event error type, you can call another external API to send this error info (Example: Slack alerts, Email Alerts)

What are event hooks: Event hooks concepts | Okta Developer
How to implement event hooks: Event hook implementation | Okta Developer
Event types available: Event Types | Okta Developer

Here you would most probably be listening and handling application.integration.general_failure and performing whatever steps are necessary.

This is also a good time to note that Okta doesn’t fully support the DELETE route for users in a traditional way, it instead marks the user as de-provisioned, which means the user is set to active: false when delete is called on them and you would need to handle this within your app separately.

You may also want to look at this:

This being said, there is yet another way to achieve this same effect using Okta Workflows where you would essentially build step-based blocks, and one step would send a message on Slack based on these conditions. But I believe this needs some extra registrations and accesses


Awesome @monishb , thank you so much! I’ll take a look at this

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@fiona1498 welcome! I talk about some debugging tools I’ve used to monitor incoming requests to the scim server here Enterprise-Ready Workshop: Manage users with SCIM | Okta Developer. Okta doesn’t have verbose logging for scim requests atm. I recommend using ngrok or Morgan to review status requests/logs; keep in mind these recommendations are good for testing and not for production.

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