Error page redirection

Hello. Is it possible to redirect the user to our (external app) login page when they encounter an error during okta login?

Our flow is such:

Our App Login Page → Okta SSO → Our App Callback Page

But when a user experiences an error like User creation is disabled or Status Invalid, it lands on the Okta error page. Is there any way I can set this to redirect to our login page? Thanks.

What tech stack are you using for callback handling?

Do you see any errors on the console after an error is thrown?? Which version of Okta are you using? Could you also let me know what your redirect URL is like? for example, https://localhost:8080/callback?

Also, are you using Okta Classic or OIE? Based on what your answer is, it might be different.

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We are using Python/Django for callback handling.

I don’t think its relevant in this case, since the error page appears before the callback can be called.

I am using the okta signin widget version 5.0.1 as “

The error page I am describing is this one: “

So basically if a user is not able to authenticate (wrong credentials, invalid status, not assigned to app), this page is being shown by default.

I just want to skip this page, and instead redirect the user to our web application. Our intent is to have the whole okta flow invisible to the end-users. Landing on this error page, makes it confusing for them.


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