Error using IIdxclient.ChangePasswordAsync

We are using the Okta.Idx.Sdk for dotnet. When making a call to IdxClient.ChangePasswordAsync the password is successfully changed but the method call throws an exception, the message is:

“You are not allowed to access this app. To request access, contact an admin.”

I have no idea how to address this. I am expecting the call to complete normally and to check the AuthenticationResponse object for successful completion.

I have inspected our tenant’s system logs which show the password reset being performed successfully but there is no indication of why this error condition is being thrown. The password reset is successful as the user account can login to the Okta tenant with the new password immediately.


So you configure the IDX client for a specific client_id in your Okta Org. When a user does a password recovery with this instance is the recovered user assigned to the application in Okta?

This has been resolved. Apparently, all of the password recovery operations/steps can complete without the client secret (including the actual password change) except the final steps in the IdxClient.ChangePasswordAsync call. A local environment issue was leaving the client secret blank.