Event Hook for AD lockout

I’m trying to do what I think is fairly simple, however can’t figure out how to accomplish via Okta:

  1. When a user is locked out (AD sourced user), I would like to trigger an Event and send the payload to an external endpoint. (I’m planning to take the payload and setup my own automation after using the payload and user details).

I created an Event Hook, however I do not have access to the event “app.ad.api.user_import.account_locked”. This appears to be the Event that is invoked when an AD sourced user gets locked out, however I have no feasible way to “subscribe” and invoke based off this event. Is there something I’m missing here? How do I trigger an Event Hook based off this event or accomplish what I’m trying to do?

At this time, the event you mentioned is not listed in our documentation as an event eligible for Event Hooks, so you will not be able to use this event to trigger your flow.

I recommend filing a feature request on our Okta Ideas Portal to request this event be enabled for event hook eligibility.