Existing SPA (Angular) and with ASP.NET 4.x Webapi as backend


Our existing product is a SPA (Angular) with a WebAPI (written in ASP.NET 4.6).

Its authentication is implemented using OWIN with bearer tokens (with username and password). Because of the nature of our application, we manage the user rights at a granular level. Our token includes some custom information to identify the type of user, certain login restrictions, and some other custom values to determine whether or not to allow requested resources.

A new customer needs integration with OKTA for authentication. We are very new to this whole thing. All the blogs, forums, help, etc out there are done from a .NET Core point-of-view, and could not find much on .NET 4.x.

I have few a doubts/requirements when integrating with OKTA:

  • Would like to keep our existing username and password login option as well.

  • Once authenticated with OKTA, we would like to issue our own access token with the custom claims to our web app (UI).

I would really appreciate any help in how to proceed, samples, suggestions etc. we are really getting nowhere with this.

Thanks in advance.


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