Export group counts

Im looking for ways to export groups, and their app and user counts. Is there a way to do this with an API, or do i have to loop through every group?


There is way to do it with the api but you will have to call different endpoints. The only issue you may find is that you will have to do it with apps as a target as you can get the groups assigned to an app but not the ways around. Also if you call the app/users endpoint and then get the assigned group and those users then you might get a lot of duplicates, you will have to do some processing to ensure no duplicates are passed through (i recommend doing it by id)

Hi Alice

I actually spoke with the developer of rockstar (Gabriel Sroka) and he pointed me to https://www.okta.com/integrate/documentation/security-enforcement-integrations/security-analytics/#groups-data. this will add additional info to the call, he actually built it into his tool immediately.

See here. So i know actually have a tool that exports whenever i want: https://gabrielsroka.github.io/rockstar/


Hi henkjan,

I’m glad you found a solution yourself and that gabriel helped you by updating his tool.