Failed to get user password using Java SDK

I keep getting a null password through UserCredentials. However, the password is already set and can be authenticated using /authn from Okta tenant.

com.okta.sdk.resource.user.User userInfoFromOkta = client.getUser(userName);“Okta user password {}”, userInfoFromOkta.getCredentials().getPassword().getValue());

Is there a way to solve this issue?

For security reasons, user passwords cannot be fetched via the /Users API endpoint (used by the getUser method), as described in our documentation for this endpoint:

A password value is a write-only property. A password hash is a write-only property. A password hook is a write-only property.
When a user has a valid password, or imported hashed password, or password hook, and a response object contains a password credential, then the Password object is a bare object without the value property defined (for example, password: {}), to indicate that a password value exists.

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