Fetching a USERS group - Vue.js

Hey Folks

Im following along with the following tutorial Sign users in to your SPA using the redirect model | Okta Developer

I have the profile returning of the signed-in user but can’t seem to get the user’s group to return in the profile payload. Is this the correct place to get this or am I missing something?

This is my function to get the profile:

 async created () {
    const idToken = await this.$auth.tokenManager.get('idToken')
    this.claims = await Object.entries(idToken.claims).map(entry => ({ claim: entry[0], value: entry[1] }))

Any help would be great

Are you currently passing the user’s groups into a claim?

Thats a very good question, and one I don’t have an answer to at the moment

Ill look at the link you have provided