From accessToken to get sessionToken

Is there a way that I can get sessionToken or sessionID from accessToken or idToken?
I wants to extend user’s session when its going to expired.


No the session cookie is managed seperately: ,

Okta session cookie is session bound, it’s gone when:

–The browser processes are killed, which cleans up all session cookies, or

–User clicked Okta logout link, or

–Session expired (2 hours of inactivity is default, can be extended up to 90 days)

Hi @Govner ,

On the same topic, is there a way to create a new session (not extend an existing session) in OKTA using the access token, id token or refresh token?
A similar use-case would be creating a new OKTA session by POSTING a SAML Response to OKTA acting as an SP and I know this works. In the above described case, I am trying to find out if a new OKTA session can be created in exchange for an access token, id token or refresh token.