G Suite Deprovisioning


We are currently using the G-Suite integration for Okta, however when deprovisioning a user they are simply deactivated within Google (as mentioned in the documentaiton).

Our goal is to instead follow steps similar to the ones mentioned here minus the account deletion (we would assign an Archived User license instead).

It seems as though there are a few ways to approach this problem (custom SCIM, paid service for automation, etc.) but most seem to be overkill for what we need. We would only need the added deprovisioning steps specifically for Google.

What would be the recommended approach?

Hi @pnadon! Any customization with GSuite deprovisioning would have to be done with our Workflows feature. Please check out https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/Workflows/connector-reference/googledirectory/googledirectory.htm.