Generate Signing Keys

Hello All,

I need to generate the RSA key information for External clients accessing our API’s, We have the Authorization server for external client. Can you somebody help its critical. It should be like the below information
“kty”: “…”,
“alg”: “…”,
“kid”: “…”,
“use”: “…”,
“e”: “…”,
“n”: “…”

Hello, the key information for Okta orgs can be found at the well-known endpoint(s) of your Okta org:

Specifically, the URL for your JWKS is ${baseUrl} /v1/keys

Thanks That worked out pretty well

I am facing one more issue while adding outbound policy for the incoming api calls

One or more fields contain incorrect values:

  • Error in element ‘validate-jwt’ on line 25, column 10: Policy is not allowed in this section

Gonna close this topic up as I see you made a fresh post for the next issue you posted here.